The creators of TipsForJesus are redefining generosity one gratuity at a time. They have been anonymously leaving outrageous tips as large as $10,000 for servers across the country. The group, whose motto is, “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time,” has amassed over 35,000 Instagram followers in less than a week. The crusaders behind the excessive tipping are making unsuspecting servers’ dreams come true. Men and women serving in restaurants are paid some of the lowest wages in the country, so TipsForJesus could not have chosen a more deserving population to reward.

People have been wondering about what sparked this incredible show of charity. One commenter speculated, 

“I feel like what might’ve started this is other things posted on the internet how people leave no tip or fake tips in ‘the lords name’. So to me this feel like a combat something showing that Jesus did say to give to the poor and waiting tables is definitely a hard job which doesn’t earn a lot.”

Some of the tips are so large that companies like American Express are having a hard time clearing them because of their fraud prevention measures. A server from the Notre Dame left this comment on one of the Instagram account pictures:

“So I have a question, you guys tipped us $10,000 at Notre Dame when they played USC and they never paid us. We have been trying to figure out what is really going on. They said the tip didn’t go through but we are starting to think that’s not the case. We know that u guys have done this other places and the people got their money. Is there any way u can help us out?”

And TipsForJesus responded with:

“@arust03 AMEX got paid, you should’ve got paid. Check with Legends management… sounds like the owners are trying to screw you. Tipsforjesus pays it’s tabs!”

They even posted the payment record on their Instagram as proof with the caption, “Nobody is going to ruin the good were trying to do.” These kindhearted Christian do- gooders are legitimate. Karma will certainly be good to them!

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